Uppsala fields

People have lived in Sweden for thousands of years but it isn’t until the latest couple of hundred years that our way of life has changed completely. From living close to nature and family, with most every man and woman a maker of everyday objects, we are now scattered, separated from nature, specialised in one skill-set, and usually finding ourselves behind a computer screen. I am of course exaggerating the contrast between then and now, but let’s just say that parts of how we live today feels unnatural and is bad for our health. The most obvious examples are how calories are extremely accessible and how sitting down for most of the day increases health risks. We all need to find ways to combine the bodies we’ve inherited with the current way of life. I try do this by learning skills that activate more than the brain and the fingertips. Check out the bushcraft page to find more information about how I try to get out more, and the leathercraft page for one way to make useful everyday objects.

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